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Engineering Services

Parrish-Layne Design Group provides expertise in implementing cost-efficient design solutions for our clients.

Your Partner in Engineering

We offer a wide range of experience after working with clients on hundreds of projects, ensuring all aspects of the project are considered.


Parrish-Layne provides the following engineering services:


  •      Commercial Site Plans (Office, Retail, Medical, Industrial)

  •      Residential Site Plans (Apartments and Condominiums)

  •      Drainage Plans / Stormwater Management Design and Modeling

  •      Utility Design

  •      Subdivision Development Plans (Single Family and Townhomes)

  •      Earthwork 3D Designs

  •      Grading Plans

  •      Erosion and Sediment Control Plans

  •      Construction Administration 

  •      Public and Private Pump Station Analysis and Design

  •      Roadway Infrastructure Improvements

  •      Sanitary Sewer Distribution System Design

  •      Water Distribution System Design and Analysis

  •      Cost Estimates

  •      Landscape Plans


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