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Land Planning Services

Whether the project is a new home for your land or a major residential/commercial development, Parrish-Layne Design Group assists in determining the best use for your real estate.

Your Partner in Land Planning

Parrish-Layne Design Group realizes that all successful projects start with sound planning.  We complement and provide support to our clients to facilitate a sound design approach to their development. We have developed a solid reputation for providing cost-effective solutions. Site Planning and Feasibility Studies evaluate raw needs and requirements for the project and avoid unnecessary expenditures.  


Parrish-Layne provides the following land planning services:


  •      Master Development Plans

  •      Marketing Plans and Color Renderings

  •      Courthouse Research

  •      Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act (CBPA)

  •      Feasibility Studies

  •      Rezoning Applications

  •      Conditional Use Permit Applications

  •      Board of Zoning Appeal Applications

  •      Street Closure Applications

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